About the Blog

Choo­se the lay­out that’s right for your site. The the­me includes 4 styl­es: Grid, Rows, Image Abo­ve and Image Left. Each blog can have any of the­se lay­outs and the­re is no limit to the num­ber of blogs you can crea­te. Set­ting up your blog is easy. You can ful­ly cus­to­mi­ze the sty­ling for your web­site inclu­ding image sizes, excerpt lengths, post for­mat icons and a lot more.

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Image Abo­ve Posts

This lay­out pro­vi­des space for lar­ge images, long post titles and lots of post details. The­se fea­tures make blogs easy to main­tain and very con­sis­tent. Each post shows on one line and image sizes can be spe­ci­fied or you can allow the height to adjust auto­ma­ti­cal­ly for each image for varia­ti­on and a more natu­ral look.

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Grid Dis­play Posts

Spe­ci­fy any num­ber of colum­ns for your cus­tom grid. The posts in flu­id grid lay­outs auto­ma­ti­cal­ly shift into posi­ti­on, fit­ting tog­e­ther like a puz­zle and maxi­mi­zing screen space. Any blog lay­out can be cus­to­mi­zed for your site by adding side­bars, bread­crumbs, paging, cus­tom hea­ders, cus­tom foo­ters, and a lot more.

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Image Left of Posts

The most popu­lar lay­out style for high pro­fi­le blogs show­ing the blog image on the left. The advan­ta­ge of this lay­out is is uses less space than having the image abo­ve the con­tent but still allows for long titles with a lar­ge font size. This lay­out also pro­vi­des space for lon­ger excerp­ts wit­hout exten­ding the page length.

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Rows Dis­play Posts

A clean and orga­ni­zed series of posts in an ali­gned dis­play. Each row is the same height making it ide­al for items with simi­lar con­tent allo­wing the view­er to quick­ly scan the page. The uni­form pre­sen­ta­ti­on in rows also allows mul­ti­ple posts on each row ins­tead of one per line like  a tra­di­tio­nal blog layout.


Default Set­tings

Blogs can be enab­led as the default home page, from a page tem­p­la­te or by inser­ting a short­code. The blog set­tings let you con­fi­gu­re each opti­on exact­ly as nee­ded. When using a blog short­code you can spe­ci­fy the opti­ons for each blog individually.

Con­fi­gu­re the default blog set­tings from the “Set­tings > Blog Opti­ons” area of your admin.

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Exam­p­le Blogs

We’­ve crea­ted a series of exam­p­le blogs so you can see the results. The­se demons­tra­te just a frac­tion of what you can cus­to­mi­ze and the varie­ty of lay­out varia­ti­ons pos­si­ble. Cus­to­mi­ze the blog to fit your web­site with side­bars, wid­gets, hea­ders and foo­ters. With all the­se opti­ons the poten­ti­al is vir­tual­ly end­less. Check out some of the exam­p­le blog pages.

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Con­tent Builder

The the­me has a cus­tom inter­face for the Visu­al Com­po­ser plug­in (included) to make it easier to set­up your blog shortcode.

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Short­code Attributes


The blog short­code can be added manu­al­ly or using the con­tent buil­der inte­gra­ted into Visu­al Com­po­ser. When manu­al­ly inser­ting the blog short­code you can use the para­me­ters below to cus­to­mi­ze the output.

Optio­nal. The num­ber of posts per page.
Optio­nal. The tem­p­la­te style: blog-image-top, blog-image-left, grid-rows, grid-rows-fil­te­red, grid-stag­ge­red, grid-staggered-filtered
Optio­nal. The post type source. Default: post
Exclude this para­me­ter for no excerpt. Value: true
Optio­nal. The length of the excerpt.
Optio­nal. The num­ber of colum­ns in grid templates.
Optio­nal. The image width.
Optio­nal. The image height.
Split results into mul­ti­ple pages. Value: true, false
Optio­nal. The text for the read more button.