Con­tent Rotator

Con­tent Rotators

Respon­si­ve Design       Touch Enab­led       Easy to Cus­to­mi­ze       Unli­mi­t­ed Content 

Dis­play a simp­le slide show or carou­sel, any num­ber of colum­ns and from any con­tent on your site. Easi­ly turn your posts, pages, port­fo­lio or other con­tent source into a sli­ding, rota­ting or fading series of images and text. Choo­se from seve­ral tran­si­ti­on methods inclu­ding sli­ding, fading or 3D effects. Enable auto-start opti­ons and set timing for com­ple­te con­trol. Rota­tors are touch enab­led and respon­si­ve for the best dis­play on any device.

[content_rotator title=“Sample 1” columns=“4” transition=“slide” autoplay=“true” interval=“3500” post_type=“portfolio” post_excerpts=“true” excerpt_length=“30” image_size=“263x147”][vc_separator]
[content_rotator title=“Two Colum­ns with 3D Flip Tran­si­ti­on” columns=“2” transition=“flip” autoplay=“true” interval=“5000” post_type=“portfolio” image_size=“288x400” hide_title=“true” order=“ASC” orderby=“title”]
[content_rotator title=“One Column with Fade” columns=“1” transition=“fade” autoplay=“true” interval=“4000” post_type=“portfolio” excerpt_length=“30” image_size=“600x400” hide_title=“true” orderby=“date” order=“ASC”]
[content_rotator title=“Portfolio Items” columns=“4” transition=“slide” autoplay=“true” interval=“4500” post_type=“portfolio” image_size=“265x265” hide_title=“true” excerpt_length=“30”]

Unli­mi­t­ed Possibilities

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