Cus­tom Footers

Cus­tom foo­ters let you modi­fy the con­tent and appearance of your page foo­ters. Each foo­ter is atta­ched to a lay­out using the Lay­out Mana­ger and can also be easi­ly assi­gned to indi­vi­du­al pages and posts. Using cus­tom foo­ters you can incor­po­ra­te extra infor­ma­ti­on, details and rele­vant links to the important are­as of your website.


Sam­ple Footers

[vc_gallery type=“image_grid” interval=“3” images=“6084,6077,6078,6079,6080,6081,6082,6083” onclick=“custom_link” custom_links_target=“_self” img_size=“220x147” custom_links=”/,/home-pages/one-page-portfolio/,/custom-404-error/,/blog/grid-fluid/,/features/masthead-right/,/forums/,/features/custom-headers/,/sample-pages/faqs/”][headline_box text=“Set cus­tom foo­ters for any page.” align=“Center”]

Two Con­tent Sources

Sel­ect any slide­show, sta­tic block or side­bar as the source con­tent for each foo­ter. Having two dif­fe­rent con­tent sources for each foo­ter you can mix and match to crea­te the per­fect result for every area of your site. Save time by reu­sing con­tent, crea­ting an easy to main­tain and update website.

Available con­tent sources:

  • Slide­shows
  • Side­bars
  • Sta­tic Block (cus­tom post type)

Foo­ter Widgets

Add wid­gets to foo­ters by sel­ec­ting a side­bar as the source. Any side­bar can be added to your foo­ter. New cus­tom side­bars can be crea­ted from the theme’s cus­tom side­bar tool.

Sta­tic Content

Include any cus­tom con­tent into a foo­ter using Sta­tic Blocks. The con­tent of a sta­tic block can be any­thing you like inclu­ding text, short­codes, images, wid­gets and more.

[headline_box text=“Select a side­bar as the foo­ter con­tent source to use wid­gets for recent posts, archi­ves and cate­go­ries.” align=“Center”]

Set Foo­ters for Pages and Posts

Any indi­vi­du­al page or post can have a cus­tom foo­ter. You can spe­ci­fy defaults for pages, posts, blogs, port­fo­li­os and home pages, howe­ver on any sin­gle page or post you can over­ri­de the lay­out, hea­der and foo­ter. Spe­ci­fy­ing a cus­tom foo­ter lets you easi­ly app­ly cus­tom looks to dif­fe­rent are­as of your website.


Easi­ly Mana­ge All of Your Footers

You can add, edit and dele­te foo­ters from a sin­gle loca­ti­on in the Lay­out Mana­ger to quick­ly make glo­bal updates to the enti­re web­site. The­re is never a need to go from page to page making updates to each. With the uni­que struc­tu­re of the the­me and the Lay­out Mana­ger you can quick­ly make glo­bal updates with ease.

[headline_box text=“Add slide­shows, sta­tic blocks, side­bars and wid­gets.” align=“Center”]

Foo­ter Options

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